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The program includes conferences of invited speakers from Canada and foreign countries, students of the CRIPA contribute also to the conference and poster sessions. This event presents an opportunity for the annual meeting of the center members and also to exchange with collaborators outide of Quebec.

During the Symposium, student and researchers of the CRIPA can present their research to oral or poster sessions. Please submit your abstract to the CRIPA before the deadline.


Fill out the regristration form and send it before the deadline. This activity is free for the members of the CRIPA and theirs students, as well as for every veterinarian member of the OMVQ (the Veterinary association of the Quebec state).




Each year, students may earn prizes for the best conference or poster. Student in Msc, PhD, or Postdoc who submit their abstract before the deadline are eligible to the competition.

May 16, 2021
June 2, 2021

- Language restrictions -


Conferences : presentation can be done in english or french.

13th SYMPOSIUM of the CRIPA June 4 & 11, 2021

The 13th Symposium of the CRIPA was held virtualy. This event was scheduled on two friday mornings, from 8:30 am to 12:10 pm with conferences sessions (no poster).


To attend conferences free registration is required.

Go to the following link:

In the registration platform each mode begins with a purchase of $ 0, which must be confirmed, remember to check the very small box "I accept the conditions" to activate the blue CONFIRM button.


Note: even if you are submitting a student conference, you must also register for the Symposium in order to obtain the conference hyperlinks.

Symposium schedule here                  Abstracts

Conference proposal in French or in English: 

Guest speaker (s): 20 min + 10 min questions.

Student presentations: 12 min + 6 min questions (Allow 2 min for the transition between presentations).

Flash-talks: 5 min, pre-recorded. Available online on June 3th, the students need to be present in live on June 4th and 11th for their question period.

Prize for the best conferences to be won (1st prize $ 500 and 2nd prize $ 300).


Abstracts must be uploaded in Word format:

Use Times New Roman 12 pt, and include:


List of co-authors (Speaker, Firstname Lastname; etc.)


Abstract (250 words)


Please note that if your conference is accepted, it must be sent in advance in PPT format to 


13th SYMPOSIUM of the CRIPA June 12, 2020

The 13th Symposium of the CRIPA will be held at the Faculte de Mdecine veterinaire of Universite de montreal, in St-Hyacinthe. This event is scheduled on 1 day with conferences and posters sessions, no student workshop. THIS EVENT WAS CANCELED due to the COVID-19 pandemic containment measures.

12th SYMPOSIUM of the CRIPA June 4-5, 2019

The 12th Symposium of the CRIPA was held in Montréal, Concordia Conference center. This year, our event was held jointly with the WISs or 4th International Workshop on Streptococcus suis (june 3-4) Website: (closed)


| short Program

| Keynote speakers

| Proceedings


OMVQ - continuous learning

4th International Workshop on S. suis-12th Symposium of the CRIPA, provided a 3 h of continuous learning, for the veterinarian member of OMVQ attending this joint event, has been approved by the Ordre des médecins vétérinaire du Québec (OMVQ). 


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Centre de recherche en infectiologie porcine et avicole
Swine and poultry infectious diseases research center

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