EVENTS organised by the CRIPA

Workshop open to all: training on biosafety level hoods 2. The subjects covered concern all Class II type A2, all manufacturers combined.

Speaker Fred Palica from Fisher Scientific

April 17, 2019 at the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire, room 2108, 12h- 13h30.

Free no registration required. Available to all CRIPA and FMV students and staff of the Diagnostic Service.

8h00 Registration (room 2950)

8h30 Welcome word – Sylvain Quessy, Vice-dean Research


Conferences - 40 minutes
8h40     Denis Roy (Université Laval)
9h20      Marcio Costa (Université de Montréal-FMV)

10h00 Break 

10h20     Philippe Leprohon (CRI-Université Laval)
Pierre-Étienne Jacques (Université de Sherbrooke)

Flash- speach - 15 minutes

11h40     Calcul Québec
12h00     The genomic impact in diagnostic and in the field by C.A. Gagnon
12h15 Last word by Christopher Fernandez-Prada

12h25 Lunch (room 1465)

13h30-16h30 Wet-Lab bio-informatic for students, speaker
Alexandre Thibodeau : seating is limited ! (room 1494)

            Registration before February 16, 2018.


            The morning conferences will be available in live on the web only on demande.

Inscription gratuite pour les membres, le personnel et les étudiants du CRIPA. 
Des frais d’inscription de 30$ sont à prévoir pour les personnes d’autres organisations.


For more information contact Josée Labrie at or 450.773.8521, ext. 8619.


The CRIPA is contributing to the upcoming Holobionte 2 conference in Montreal, May 8-10, 2019, where Emma Allen Vercoe from the University of Guelph presents her research.


                   Submission March 8

                   Registration  April 12 


The CRIPA organises scientific activities on a regular basis.


Our annual Symposium allows members to meet and discussus of collaborations among them and with the invited speakers from foreign countries or other state of Canada.


The Café CRIPA goal is to translate knowledge to veterinarians and poultry and swine industry, as well as to pharmaceutical, agrifood and biotechnology corporations.


The technological workshop aimed to coutinuous learning of the researchers, students and employee of the CRIPA. Private corporate can register their employees on demand.



The autumn and winter conferences : our researchers invite a speaker from the Québec state to present his-her project and the conferences are recorded for further broadcast on the CRIPA YOU TUBE chanel .


Anyone whishing to attend one of our events is welcome, some limitation can happen, please ask us by e-mail.

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