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EVENTS organised by the CRIPA

The CRIPA organises scientific activities on a regular basis.


Our annual Symposium allows members to meet and discussus of collaborations among them and with the invited speakers from foreign countries or other state of Canada.


The Café CRIPA goal is to translate knowledge to veterinarians and poultry and swine industry, as well as to pharmaceutical, agrifood and biotechnology corporations.



The Forum presents the advancement of knowledge on a current challenging issue.

The CIFMIA standing bureau is held at the CRIPA. This meeting is a francophone event to gather north and south researchers of francophonie.

The BiSP and other coorganised scientific meetings. The center promotes visibility of research teams and fosters student's presentations at several scientific events in Quebec province.

The technological workshop aimed to coutinuous learning of the researchers, students and employee of the CRIPA. Private corporate can register their employees on demand.


The autumn and winter conferences : our researchers invite a speaker from the Québec state to present his-her project and the conferences are recorded for further broadcast on the CRIPA YOU TUBE chanel .


Anyone whishing to attend one of our events is welcome, some limitation can happen, please ask us by e-mail.



This year, CRIPA is collaborating with AQINAC for two events (RDV AVICOLE and Porc Show). Students will have the opportunity to present 5 posters at the Poultry event named RDV AVICOLE and 5 other posters at the PORC SHOW 2021.


Centre de recherche en infectiologie porcine et avicole
Swine and poultry infectious diseases research center

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