New Initiatives of the CRIPA

Aims of the program

To build up the research program structure by facilitating multidisciplinary collaborations among the various laboratories associated with the Centre.


To initiate projects with “high scientific risk”, involving innovative research, implementing novel concepts and testing novel hypotheses, likely to generate preliminary results and which will provide bases for submitting joint grant applications of the “team research project” type to the FQRNT.

Selection criteria
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Criteria for awarding
Grant application
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Project descriptions


Two types of projects :

Focus 1 | basic research

Focus 2 | appplied research

Both focuses will be funded, which will have in common the embodiment of a holistic approach to the study of swine and poultry infectious disease. 


Focus 1   | Basic research 

Projects satisfying the requirement for a concerted multidisciplinary approach to the study of host interactions with various pathogens.


Focus 2 | Applied research

Projects satisfying the requirement for an integrated basic research/fundamental research approach.  


Use of funds: there is a maximum of 18 months to spend the funds, no report allowed. Unused funds will be transferred by CRIPA to another researcher.

Exception: in the last year, the fund, must be spent in less than 1 year. 


A principal investigator rewarded will be excluded for a period of 1 year as lead applicant (from the next competition).

Conditions for awarding of grants

Awarding process


  • 1 competition per year,

  • made by at least two CRIPA members, including at least one regular member,

  • 1 or 2 projects funded / year,

  • 1 grant per focus if the required minimum is attained in both project categories.


Grant Ni of the CRIPA includes 

  • 20 000$ /project,  for a new project and not the extension of a previous project. 

  • cover uninterrupted 12 months period,

  • no renewal,

  • privileged access to Centre infrastructures

Liability of the awardees 

  • A report detailing the project findings shall be due 18 months from the date on which the grant is awarded,

  • Support granted by the Centre must be cited in the “acknowledgements” section of any publication, conference, poster, etc... of findings of work benefitting from this funding.

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