The Swine and Poultry  Infectious Diseases Research Centre or CRIPA, is a strategic cluster of the province of Quebec, financed by the « Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies ». Funds n°RS-170946


Located in the Université de Montreal, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (in St.Hyacinthe), this Centre is under the direction of Professor Mariela Segura, Director of the Research Group on Infectious Diseases in Production Animals (Groupe de Recherche sur les Maladies Infectieuses en production animale).


PURPOSE   Maximize the benefits derived from research related to swine and poultry infectious diseases.


GUIDELIGNE To coordinate the complementary efforts of the relevant expertise , based on thoses themes. 

The CRIPA thus intends to create a dynamic environment for interaction among 40 teams headed by scientists devoted to basic or applied research at six universities and four government institutions. It also seeks to stimulate communication between these researchers and potential users of their findings, primarily veterinarians and pork and/or poultry producers in Québec.


To fight against the swine and poultry infectious diseases 

To contribute actively to the battle against swine and poultry infectious diseases through a multidisciplinary approach integrating recent findings that infections being encountered at production sites with increasing frequency are of mixed nature, and thus involve simultaneous or consecutive interactions of more than one pathogen. Viral infections in particular have increased over recent years, increasing the burden on the host immune system and thereby opening the door to bacterial infections of greater severity.

The main research objectives of the CRIPA are to increase understanding of the mechanisms involved in the complex interactions of the host with viruses, bacteria, parasites and mycotoxines of fundamental significance to the pork industry (including the zoonotic agents that represent the greatest potential threats to public health) and to apply the knowledge gained to the development of new tools for diagnosis and anti-infectious prophylaxis and the monitoring of food contaminants.

The Center acts as a strategic crossroads to prevent the emergence or re-emergence of infectious pathogenic agents while supporting the governmental agencies in the implementation of their strategies in animal health and food safet.


In order to meet these objectives, the CRIPA has adopted strategies based on:

(1) Channeling Quebec’s strengths, embodied in its bacteriologists, virologists, parasitologists, immunologists and epidemiologists working in the veterinary field, towards integrated study of the fundamental mechanisms involved in the complex host/pathogen interactions in swine and poultry production;

(2) Increasing fundamental knowledge of the most significant pathogens in the swine and poultry production, and of the pathology of infections, notably with respect to intercurrent infections and the resistance to antimicrobial drugs, and of preventive and control tools;

(3) Using this knowledge within an epidemiology framework to analyse risk factors in Quebec and to develop new diagnostic tools as well as evaluating the effectivness of new managment practices;

(4) Developing
, in collaboration with researchers from fields such as chemistry, physical chemistry and/or biotechnology and nanotechnology, bioaerosols and new vaccines through an integrated antigen/immunostimulant/targeted release by vectored system approach, new therapeutic strategies or drugs and new processes in food safety;

(5) Technology transfer to the public, governmental and private sector, of diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic products and know-how for the most significant swine and poultry diseases, and the monitoring of contaminants in foods;

(6) Training highly qualified personnel in the agri-food biotechnology field.

Update Jan 26, 2021



3200 Sicotte,

Faculté de médecine vétérinaire

Université de Montréal
Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 2M2 CANADA



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Centre de recherche en infectiologie porcine et avicole

Swine and poultry infectious diseases research center

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