IMPORTANT NOTICE: SUBMISSION of grant or price requests only digital, no hard copy please during the COVID-19 pandemic context.


Use of the preferred first name.


The preferred first name is a major factor of inclusion that is implemented in several institutions (Mc Gill, UQAM, UdeM, Concordia). Each institution has a specific procedure to obtain one, refer to it to obtain one.

Impact at the CRIPA: in order to be able to link your application to your finance department file, and thus pay you the amounts of scholarships and CRIPA awards,

for students registered at UdeM, indication of your matricule of UdeM is required in the forms of the CRIPA;

for students registered in other universities, the center can not use your student ID, therefore please indicate us only your legal first name.

Thank you for your understanding.


The CRIPA organises 1 times per year scholarship competitions for helping student to start or finish a degree.  

Sometimes, the CRIPA is aload to offer scholarship for a training (up to 6 month) in a foreign country.

Competitions are reopened with new rules and form (*Equity and cosupervision).


Next Generation 1 competition March 15, 2021.

Short-term AID 1 competition November 1st, 2020.

Knolewdge translation January 31st, 2021.

FRQNT-CRIPA International training : open, four scholarships available,

November 1st, 2020.


The CRIPA offers 1 times per year 3 prizes to stimulate students in Msc, PhD or Postdotoral trainee to produce popular scientific information about the research done at the center. Only student of the center can apply. 

Form, rules only available in french at present.

Letter from your supervisor should be short and includes 3 Informations to be sent to the jury:

Do I support my student's request yes or no?

Did my student keep track of his/her studies while doing this transfer activity?

Will the transfer activity be beneficial to the training of my student, and to the visibility of the CRIPA?



These scholarships cover the period of 4 month.
- 2 M.Sc. scholarships of $4250 each
- 2 Ph.D. scholarships of $5500 each


Eligibility: Offered strictly to students who are co-supervised by researchers from two different institutions. Please note that in February, a new cohort of CRIPA members will be joining the Center; a list will be distributed as soon as possible with regards to this competition.

Ineligible: winners of the two most recent scholarship competitions who were already under inter-institutional co-supervision at the time. That said, a winner who did not have a co-supervisor from another institution at the time of the recent competitions can be made eligible by incorporation of an inter-institutional co-supervisor.

Official proof of co-supervision is required (a request for co-supervision currently being processed by the university is permitted).

The CRIPA scholarship is an additional support for a full-time project run by a student or Postdoc in a laboratory of a researcher member of the CRIPA. Under no circumstances can the CRIPA provide scholarships for maternity or sick leave, but a short deferral of payment may be requested, given that the Director of CRIPA * can refuse the postponement and cancel the portion of the grant concerned without justification.


The cumulation of a CRIPA grant simultaneously with another financial support:

  • from another scholarship competition is prohibited: no accumulation with NSERC or FRQ scholarships; no cumulation for a similar period (transferable remittance *),

  • from funding from the researcher's research funds is at the discretion of the supervising researcher. Researchers' research funds are obtained by awarding grants in competitions to which researchers have applied, which is why they may decide not to authorize the accumulation of scholarships for the same student. CRIPA does not manage the funding discussions between the students and their supervisor, it is recommended that these be conducted prior to the submission of an application.


Type of aid: The CRIPA has set aside a fund for providing short-term financial support to graduate students (MSc., Ph.D.), in order to allow them to finish their research or the composition of their theses or to begin a research project in anticipation of a scholarship or other financial support.

Indicative value:     

Msc.      4 500 $ / 4 months  |   1 125 $ / month

Ph.D.     5 000 $ / 4 months   |   1 250 $ / month


Each competition, due to budget restrictions, the number of grant and the amount are subjected to change without notice. 


Deadlines:     1 competition: November 1, of the current year.



  • Be a full time student in Msc, Ph.D,

  • Carry out a research project associated with the CRIPA program,

  • Be under the supervision of at least one CRIPA member (regular or associate).


Form and informations for applicants

  • Consult the document «Procedure for granting of short-term financial support to graduate students».

  • Submit by e-mail the following documents to 

    • form « Application form for the CRIPA Short-term financial support - M.Sc. OR Ph.D. STUDENTS »,

    • CV and recent grades,

    • any other required document.



Type of aid: Financial support provided for presenting results at an international scientific meeting.
Source of aid: The CRIPA (swine and poultry infectious disease research centre)


Purpose: To facilitate the presentation of results of graduate and post-doc research under the supervision of CRIPA members (regular and associate members) at international scientific meetings.


  • Be a full time student in Msc, Ph.D or postdoctoral training,

  • Carry out a research project associated with the CRIPA program,

  • Be under the supervision of at least one CRIPA member (regular or associate),

  • Presenting research results orally or at a poster session at an international congress or symposium.


Value: Three allowances of $600 to $1000 awarded twice a year for a total of $2,500 annually. However, due to significant changes in the annual budget by FRQNT, the steering committee may alter, without notice, the maximal amount awarded.

Forms and information for applicants

  • Consult the document: « Awarding of CRIPA allowances to graduate students and post-docs for attendance of scientific meetings ».

  • Submit the following documents only by e-mail to 

    • the form « CRIPA Allowance for graduate student and post-doc attendance of scientific meetings »

    • CV and recent grades

    • any other document required.


1st competition: March 15 of the current year,

2nd competition: September 15of the current year.


Purpose: help the CRIPA researchers to build new collaborations with foreing teams or acquire new technic from other countries, by the means of student training in Msc or PhD. 

New competition, different rules.

No cofunding required for 2020-2021 competition (MITACS allocate 6000$)

2000$ minimum cofunding required for 2021-2022 competition (MITACS allocate 4000$).


Scholarships of  6000 $ / 12 weeks minimum to 24 weeks maximum,

including travel fees.


Awarded depending of the available buget from the FRQ-NT, on the basis of first asked first won. Only the CRIPA can submit a candidacy to the MITACS-FRQ-NT. The CRIPA holds an internal competition to screen applicants.



competition: 1 november.


  • Be a full time student in Msc or Ph.D, Postdoc

  • Student cosupervised by the foreing director collaborating to this application, or previous recipient of MITACS awards are not elligible

  • Carry out a research project associated with the CRIPA program,

  • Be under the supervision or visit the laboratory of at least one CRIPA university member (regular or associate),

  • Do not apply for a training in the laboratory of your ''thesis in cotutelle''.

  • Countries eligible: consult the annex. For other countries, ask us.

  • Start training before 1st February following year.

Rules and informations for applicants

  • Read carefully the form.

  • Submit electronic application to 

    • form 

    • CV and recent grades

    • support letter of the supervisors.


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