CRIPA direction, coordination and administrative as well as secretarial support are located in Université de Montréal's faculty of veterinary medicine (located in St-Hyacinthe).


The aim of the CRIPA managerial structure is to strengthen research activities. Its policy is to be dynamic, flexible and ever-mindful of fairness.


The structure consists primarily of a steering committee, which looks after on-going business, the budget and member status. Ad-hoc variations of the steering committee evaluate grants competitions and if necessary, a technology transfer committee will be set up.

NOTICE: The reference document describing the CRIPA rules is modified on a regular basis. Read the notification sent by e-mail.

Rules and statutes of the CRIPA (only in french).

Mariela Segura, Director                 

Charles M. Dozois, Assistant director


Executive team    
Mariela Segura    Directrice
Charles Dozois    Directeur adjoint

Leaders of research lines



Raphaël Bertinotti, EPQ            
Nathalie Robin, EVQ              
Angèle Hudon-Tanguay, FPOQ     
Isabelle Moreau, AVIA             
Ernest Gasarabwe, Zoetis

Representatives of the affiliated University     
Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Université de Montréal    




Marcelo Gottschalk – Director of the Centre from 1/04/2006 to 31/08/2009.

Josée Harel – Responsable of line 1 « diagnostic, épidémiologie moléculaire et résistance aux antibiotiques » from 1/04/2006 to 30/09/2009.
Josée Harel – Acting Director of the Centre from 1/09/2009 to 31/03/2010;
Josée Harel – Director of CRIP then of CRIPA from 1/04/2010 to 30/06/2014.
Carl Gagnon – Adjunct Director of the CRIPA from 12/12/2011 to 30/06/2014
Carl Gagnon – Director of CRIPA from 1/07/2014 to 30/06/2020
Lucie Lamontagne – Adjunct
Director of the CRIPA from 1/09/2014 to 30/08/2017

Charles M. Dozois - Adjunct Director of the CRIPA from 24/11/2017 ...

Mariela Segura – Director of CRIPA from 1/07/2020...

Josée Daigneault – Pfizer Santé animale, Rep. pharmaceutical industry from 1/04/2006 to 31/03/2009.
Marie-Anne Paradis - Elanco, Eli Lilly Canada Inc., Rep. pharmaceutical industry from 1/04/2009 to 31/03/2013.

Josée Daigneault – Zoetis Santé animale, Rep. pharmaceutical industry from 1/04/2013 to 31/08/2017

Ernest Gasarabwe - Zoetis (avicole), Rep. pharmaceutical industry from 1/09/2017 au 31/08/2020

Mario Jacques – Vice-dean UdeM from 1/04/2006 to 31/12/2009.

Sylvain Quessy – Vice-dean UdeM from 1/01/2010 to 31/12/2013.

Jacques Lussier – Vice-dean UdeM from 1/01/2014 to 31/12/2015.

Sylvain Quessy – Vice-dean UdeM from 1/01/2016 to 31/05/2018.

Jean-Pierre Lavoie - Vice-dean UdeM from 1/06/2018 to

Claude Miville –FPPQ, Représentant de l’industrie porcine; from 1/04/2006 to 31/12/2012.

Danielle pettigrew - FPPQ, Représentant de l’industrie porcine; from 1/01/2013 to 31/08/2014.

Dora Rodriguez - EPQ (FPPQ) Représentant de l’industrie porcine; from 1/09/2014 to 31/08/2015.

Julie Dufresne - EVQ, Représentant de l,industrie avicole; from 1/01/2013 to 31/08/2015.

Daniel Husereau EVQ, Représentant de l'industrie avicole; from 1/01/2013 to 31/08/2019.

Isabelle Sénéchal - AVIA, Rep ds praticiens vétérinaires en industrie animale; from 1/04/2013 to 31 /08/2018.

Isabelle Moreau - AVIA, Rep ds praticiens vétérinaires en industrie animale; from 1/09/2018 to  

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