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A delegation from the Swine and Poultry Infectious Diseases Research Center (CRIPA) participates in the Research Summit on Sustainable Development in Agri-Food and Forestry

Saint-Hyacinthe, April 18, 2024 – The Research Summit on Sustainable Development in Agri-Food and Forestry, jointly organized by the Araucária Foundation, the Quebec Office in São Paulo and the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies, brought together key industry players at the Paraná Industries Federation in Curitiba, Brazil. From April 10 to 12, this event was marked by the presence of nearly fifty researchers as well as professionals from Paraná and Quebec, who discussed innovative solutions to the sustainability challenges of these crucial sectors.

The primary objective of this meeting was to promote dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration, two essential elements for shaping a sustainable future for the agri-food and forestry industry. In this context, five researchers from the Swine and Poultry Infectious Diseases Research Center (CRIPA) participated in this unique opportunity to strengthen relations with Brazil, seeking to identify common interests conducive to future collaborations.

During their participation, these researchers had the opportunity to become more familiar with the Paraná Science and Technology System, as well as the key initiatives implemented by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education and the Araucária Foundation. They also contributed to group work sessions, where exchanges of ideas and discussions enriched perspectives on upcoming challenges and opportunities in the field.

From left to right: Marcio Carvalho Costa (Associate Professor, UdeM), Saji George (Associate Professor, McGill), Charles Dozois (Full Professor, INRS), Nahuel Fittipaldi (Associate Professor, UdeM), Janice Bailey (Scientific Director, FRQNT), Xin Zhao (Full Professor, McGill).

Here are their thoughts:

Dr. Marcio Carvalho Costa, associate professor, Université de Montréal

“This summit helped identify the distinctive characteristics of each region and their potential use to promote our common interests such as sustainability, well-being and One Health. This opens new research perspectives for CRIPA and reinforces our commitment to sustainable development.”

Dr. Charles Dozois, full professor, Institut national de la recherche scientifique

“This meeting offered a unique opportunity to discuss common issues and avenues of research to improve animal health, food safety and sustainable practices of global importance in Brazil and Quebec, consolidating CRIPA’s position as a leader in research in swine and poultry infectious diseases.”

Dr. Saji George, associate professor, McGill University

“This summit made it possible to identify and develop strategies in priority areas of mutual interest in favor of sustainable agriculture, in addition to expanding our professional network and identifying potential partners for research projects collaborative.”

Dr. Nahuel Fittipaldi, associate professor, Université de Montréal

“This summit opened the way for collaborations in animal production for a sustainable future in our regions. This confirms the importance of our current work and encourages us to explore solutions that reduce the environmental footprint.”

Dr. Xin Zhao, full professor, McGill University

“This gathering established the foundations for robust scientific collaboration between CRIPA researchers and their peers in Paraná, Brazil. This promising cooperation will benefit the animal industry both in Quebec and in Paraná.”

All participants of the Research Summit on Sustainable Development in Agri-Food and Forestry.

About the CRIPA

The CRIPA, Swine and poultry infectious diseases research center, is a Quebec strategic cluster financed by the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies. Its mission is to improve the control of pathogens that affect the pig and poultry industries, having an economic impact and on the health of populations. Population health includes animal health and welfare, the health of workers and industry stakeholders, and the general public. For more information, visit


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